Adding a family, starting a blog

October 22, 2008

Hi there everyone! (or no one yet but maybe you’ll come back and read this later) I have been lurking around reading various blogs for some time but frankly my life has been pretty dull until late and thus I had held off on starting my own. At this point I am adding a family to my household and I expect things will become quite exciting from here on out!

Let me start things off for you. My name is Lissa. I am a 26 year old woman who has been enjoying/enduring single life for quite some time. I live in the Pacific Northwest and work in the veterinary field in a career I love. I have my own home and have 3 cats and 2 dogs to call my kids. And recently I began dating an amazing man who I am pretty sure is turning out to be the love of my life.

Shawn (see above amazing man) is 25, he is truly a gift to me. He has no idea all of the great things he has brought into my life and how much I cherish him. The best part is that he seems to feel the same way about ME! Shawn has a daughter who is 5 that he doesn’t see (the mother’s doing) and he has a son who is 4 and another daughter who is 15months (a different mother) that he does spend time with, though not as much as he would like. I just spent my first weekend with his younger kids, Wesley and Morrigan. They are great kids, fun and wellbehaved and he is an awesome Dad. What amazed me most was how good I felt with everything going on this weekend. It was great to just lay in bed at night and feel that feeling of FAMILY.

Shawn is moving in this weekend. He has a list of household projects that he wants to do and I have a list of things that I am planning for him and the kids. I spent the day yesterday shopping at Goodwill and getting movies/books/toys/etc. for them. He couldn’t believe everything I bought and was tearing up he was so touched. But it’s like I told him….I LOVE him, they are his, thus they are part of loving him. And I am so excited for the whole adventure of loving him…with everything he brings to the table.

More later!!


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